Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fried Spam Sushi

I've always loved sushi for its light and healthy qualities, but when I saw fried spam sushi ($2.00) on the menu at Hukilau in Palo Alto I thought there must be something to it. Now SPAM isn't a favorite food of mine. In fact, I was a pretty devout vegetarian for 10 years, and have only been eating fish and poultry in my more recent past. Every now and then I'll dip into the more meaty territories, but almost exclusively for the sake of trying something amazingly unique or super-gourmet. I had sweetbread at my father-in-law's retirement party and tried caracoles in a Seville cafe that specialized in little snails, but SPAM???? Well, proof that I ordered it is in the photo, and proof that I tried'll just have to trust me on this one. And it was really good!!

We washed down the surprisingly heavy Hawaiian meal that followed with a really great mango mojito (the bartender actually muddled the mint!) and a refreshing and way-too drinkable lychee martini.


Blogger realestatebroker said...

It sounds absolutely awful, and I'm sure you couldn't get me past the spam, but good for you, sport. Glad you're still into trying new things. And be careful of the big fish sushi like tuna...heard there's a lot of mercury in them, and that many good sushi restaurants actually post the mercury content of their fish. Also heard that young and small fish, like salmon and shrimp, don't have the mercury problem.
Love your blog!

March 07, 2006  

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