Monday, January 09, 2006

A Gourmet Hamburger Place

We recently ventured to San Francisco's trendy Hayes Valley for haircuts, and happily stumbled upon Flipper's for a pre-cut lunch. It was a glorious, rain-free January day, and we were thrilled to find an outdoor patio to enjoy the winter sun while sinking our teeth into some hearty food. I ordered a tuna melt, which came with curly seasoned fries AND a tasty mixed greens salad. I was further happy that the heaping serving left me with a late afternoon snack (later enjoyed in Golden Gate Park-what a day!). With its art galleries, hip furniture shops, coffee houses, and an absinthe bar, it's hard to imagine Hayes Valley was once a haven for ladies of the night. Part of this change is due to the 1989 earthquake, which took down the Central Freeway that divided Hayes Valley. With the freeway gone (and not to be rebuilt), Hayes Valley has reestablished itself as an energetic, artistic community worth visiting. And Flipper's sunny patio aint bad either.


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