Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Volcano of Tom Yum Kai

Thanks to my loyal fans for sticking with, despite the long pause in foodie updates. With my short departure came time to reflect, and it occurred to me that this little site is really about eating on a student budget. Being that I'm not a student, you can imagine it took some time for this to sink in. Sooo, the adjusted title reflects my not so new mission to bring you the Bay Area on the cheaps, and home cooking that tastes and feels like a white tablecloth meal.

It's been a busy time, which doesn't mean I haven't been eating...only that the camera has been collecting dust under my desk while I've putzed around in other areas of my life.

In honor of Valentine's Day (by the way, did anyone else notice that Google acknowledged Torino, rather that V. Day today?), I'm highlighting a nice little meal I shared with my volcano-hot man a short time ago. We had our first Palo Alto meal at Krung Siam on University Avenue, and have since returned for their solid food and entertaining transliterated menu. The Tom Yum Kai, a sour soup of lemon grass (ta krai), fish sauce (nam pla), straw mushrooms, galangal (kha), lime juice, cilantro (pak chee), and kaffir lime leaves is spicy-hot and delicious! Plus, fire on the table is always a bonus!


Blogger realestatebroker said...

Welcome back to the Gastronomic World. Wish I was a little closer to Palo Alto, but I'll search out some alternatives for south of the Tehachapi's. I think your family was almost always on a student budget while you grew up. Either they were students or they were schooling students and hence the modest priced treats (and tricks). Thai food wasn't around in much quantity or quality back in the '70's. Then it was mostly cheap Chinese, cheap Mexican and the 70's popular (all you can pile in your bowl) Mongolian Bar-B-Ques. Treats at home came by way of Hughes Markets' double coupons and they took everyone else's coupons! We sure could stretch our dollars...a small price to pay for having 3 terrific and smart children! I love your blog and look forward to all your delicious updates.

February 15, 2006  
Blogger LADivemaster said...

Rockabella! Yummy yummy in my tummy...I love reading your food blog. Can't wait for you to come to La-La land so I can turn you loose in my kitchen. You can invite Volcano Man if you want to. It's OK by me; I might share treats with him. Happy sitting here with knife and fork (and chopstix) in hand, your starving Pops.

February 15, 2006  
Blogger Rachelle said...

Thanks for the feedback--it's good to know talking to more than thin air and microchips! Mmmm...I haven't had Mongolian BBQ since my college days. Maybe it deserves to be revisited. Volcano Man will appreciate the invitation to join us for a cooking fest!

February 16, 2006  

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