Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cameron's Inn, Half Moon Bay

We happened upon Cameron's on a trip to see the elephant seals at Ano Nuevo. This is another story, but if you haven't seen the seals, and happen to be in California during their Dec-Feb birthing season, it's most definitely worth the trip.

As we made our way down the coast, we spotted the red double decker. Hmmm, that seemed a little out of the ordinary, so we doubled back to uncover just how jolly British this little Half Moon Bay spot could be. With a huge list of UK beers on tap, English paraphernalia all around, and a hearty fare that included pasty pies, it felt very British indeed. It was a chilly day, and we were happy to find a nook by the fake fireplace. Hey, it was cold enough that we could be warmed by the aesthetics of fire! This is a great place to get a really decent pint, and the burgers come with the added bonus of a trip to the condiment bar...a spread that rivals the Sizzler's buffet!

A few years back, California passed a law that prohibits smoking in restaurants. To keep the Bobbies away and appease their fag-smokin' customers, the clever folks at Cameron's turned one of their double deckers into a smoking bus. So, not to fear, discontinued London double deckers may find long life and happiness in innovative California!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Volcano of Tom Yum Kai

Thanks to my loyal fans for sticking with, despite the long pause in foodie updates. With my short departure came time to reflect, and it occurred to me that this little site is really about eating on a student budget. Being that I'm not a student, you can imagine it took some time for this to sink in. Sooo, the adjusted title reflects my not so new mission to bring you the Bay Area on the cheaps, and home cooking that tastes and feels like a white tablecloth meal.

It's been a busy time, which doesn't mean I haven't been eating...only that the camera has been collecting dust under my desk while I've putzed around in other areas of my life.

In honor of Valentine's Day (by the way, did anyone else notice that Google acknowledged Torino, rather that V. Day today?), I'm highlighting a nice little meal I shared with my volcano-hot man a short time ago. We had our first Palo Alto meal at Krung Siam on University Avenue, and have since returned for their solid food and entertaining transliterated menu. The Tom Yum Kai, a sour soup of lemon grass (ta krai), fish sauce (nam pla), straw mushrooms, galangal (kha), lime juice, cilantro (pak chee), and kaffir lime leaves is spicy-hot and delicious! Plus, fire on the table is always a bonus!