Tuesday, October 18, 2005

El vinedo impresionante!

I couldn't resist sharing more photos of my family enjoying SLO wine country. There's dad, washing back some port. Mom, who is known to have secret stashes of chocolate hidden around the house, emerged from the car with a big bag of great chocolate that nicely complemented the bevvies, making us all that much happier.

And there's the lovely family, sans lovely sister who hadn't made it down yet.

Isn't the view great?


Blogger Sheila Mom said...

Indeed, my favorite chocolates (dark dove promises) were on hand and made the rounds with the other patrons to everyone's delight. When the awesome sunset finally dropped behind the hills, the glorious 78 degree Indian summer day turned into a wintry 55 degree evening. We headed back to town for some serious warm brew. Thanks for the lovely vacation!

October 19, 2005  

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